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by Sydney Wess April 2022

Most small businesses are planning to hire several new employees in 2022. While challenges…

Voice search technology changes the way we interact with our devices and find information. Our surveys found that while people originally used voice search more than once a week,…

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Webinars and webcasts gained popularity amid the COVID-19 pandemic, helping businesses create a digital community for their customers. The Manifest surveyed 501 people in the U.S…

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by Sydney Wess March 2022

PPC optimization is an essential part of running online advertising campaigns. Companies…

Short-form video sharing platform TikTok continues to grow in popularity rapidly. As a relatively new social network, there is still plenty of room for advertisers of all sizes to…

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PPC budgeting is necessary for developing a successful PPC campaign. Traditionally, advertisers pay a set rate for each instance their ad is clicked. It’s easy to spend a good deal…

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